All over I see people trying too hard to be an individual or be original, when if they were just always honest, originality would come naturally. Oh, how what we wear makes no difference in life. Our appearances can be copied over and over again with very little effort and in the end it’s all one big lie spoken without words. It’s the words I play with that make me myself more than anybody else. It’s the truth that I hold as truth that is someone else’s lie, and that is what makes me different from them. And though they may think I’m lying or hiding or abiding, I’m only guilty of being myself and not exactly knowing who or what that is. But it is easy to see that it is different. And that can’t be bad in a world that only wants to have a sense of self as it gets closer and closer to all looking the same. Follow nothing but your thoughts and dreams and not who you see on the covers of magazines.

Hello world, sorry it’s been so long, but I have been lost lately; in a brown paper bag, at the bottom of the barrel. Trying to find myself again, but more importantly, trying to find someone else. It’s hard out there folks. Every interesting and beautiful women I have met has a boyfriend. Not that that detours me any. However, I wouldn’t like me buying my girl drinks and making her laugh, but I also wouldn’t let these firecrackers out of my sight. Why doesn’t these guys come to the bar with their gals? Don’t they know there are depraved vultures like your narrator out there? So I’m not gonna feel bad when I finally coax one of these cuties to be unfaithful. Anyways, being single is bullshit. Other than that, and feeling dead inside, there isn’t anything else to report.

more is necessary

Good day to thee, and what a beautiful grey sterile day in the big city(Chicago). The weather may be cold, but my blood is boiling with passion. For what? You may ask. Only for solving all the world’s problems, one single mom at a time.

So, my unemployment benefits were cut by 25% last two weeks. I am sure that Congress probably had something to do with it. Those wrinkly old redcoats! I hope this didn’t happen to everyone on funemployment, think of the children… Hasn’t unemployment been the goal ever since we started using tools to make life and work easier? Shouldn’t we be doing all we can to get more and more people unemployed? It seems like technology will do most of that on its own. One man can produce enough work or wealth or food or what have you, to fulfill the needs of ten people nowadays. So the goal we should have as a nation, or a world, is to obtain 90% unemployment. 

Aren’t most jobs people have completely unnecessary, and in fact, are having a negative effect on societies. Take fast food for instance, no positive effect, just a plague of grease unleashing its obese calamity throughout our fair lands. What else shouldn’t exist in order to solve this employment problem? Insurance companies aren’t really necessary, bank tellers are obsolete now, any government job that doesn’t pertain to getting benefits to the unemployed, that includes the post man, but a statue should be erected in the name of nastalgia for the hand written letter and the men who once, a long time ago, had to deliver them. Think of it like this, if what you are doing for work, what you devote most of your waking life to, doesn’t benefit the next seven generations, stop it. Just stop, don’t go to work, open a book and learn how you can truly offer a service to humanity, if you want to, only 10% of us have to. 

What do we need? Schools, hospitals(maybe, I never go to them), public transit(could be automated by now), farmers, and some folks to make goods and wares(the essential ones). What do I do when I don’t work my useless job? I read classic fiction novels and write short stories. And damn whoever thinks I can do that on 25% less! In this economy, in this city, come on. Damn them! 

Bent Twig, out.

26/12/13 thoughts

Well, the great exploitation of Christ in the name of greed was yesterday. Which means this great year of our lord is almost over. Oh, and what a year it was. Well, you were there. What happened this year isn’t the point, because none of it was really special. Most of it was quite horrible actually, for it being nearly 2014. We had some great expectations for this dismal future. Kubrick’s Odyssey may have not been a prediction of what 2001 will look like, he had less faith in humanity than that. But it could of been a motivation to us at least. Too many still think that’s just a movie about space and a computer. And even still, even if you didn’t get it, strive for a future of hibernation-space travel through light years of space, or artificial intelligence that captain space-stations and play chess. It’s been forty years since Kubrick’s story of rebirth and we haven’t gone to the moon even. Well, China just did. But not with any humans on board. That’s not possible yet apparently. I thought if anyone could get a man through the radiation belts, it would be China. Do you see where I’m going with all this? I’m dissatisfied with our progress. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies, and sure, I haven’t contributed in any way, but most contributions have been miss-used up to now anyways. Just take a look at where we are at. A third of us are barely surviving, two thirds of us aren’t happy, too many of us are slaves and criminals, and a few at the top are stewing in their overflowing pots of evil, the heaving breasts and other flesh bursting from their pleasure-domes. And worst of all, we are stuck in old traditions. Perhaps nice, perhaps unnecessary. Like Christmas, give it up already. It’s hurting us. Like there was a Jesus, like we have to buy things for each other, because it’s god’s birthday? Give me a break. A people so gullible are surely going to be enslaved by the enlightened, by those who have touched the monolith, by the devil worshippers. I hope when the ball drops we all open our eyes and realize we are being dragged along into someone else’s american dream. But I’m sure we will continue our way down the rightful spiral, we will continue to pray to our sky-daddys for saving and wealth and forgiveness. Hal will make sure the mission gets carried out. Well, what I’m saying is that we really haven’t come that far. And it is due to an evil greedy government mixing it up with made-up religions fixed on controlling our progress and abilities. If you think we are behind too, if you think we should step out of the dark ages this year, I don’t know what to tell ya. I have lost hope. So I don’t know, get a gun and aim for someone important. They are usually plenty guilty of some nasty shit. Happy New year!

the price of competing

Just another beautiful day in the big city. Go here, do that. Just riding the current until another conflict has us stopping to look around. The days passing otherwise unnoticed, one after another. Always aware of the disruptions but not appreciating the calmness that also awaits around the bend. Preparing for the next ripple, worrying in anticipation. Unaware of the stagnant beauty that surrounds you at this moment. Peaceful and slow is boring. Not going here to get that, to do this. What are you doing then? Stationary. No hunt after progress, no competition. A peaceful existence, isn’t that what we all want? Butinstead we have this race. Go here. Tomorrow. 07:00. Do this. Now. Go compete. Win. 

Someone then has to lose, I’m afrad. I think we forget this fact as we constantly plan our next victory. That there will always be a loser. Someone will always be treated unfairly. Thus, the price of competing. Knowing that your success at life means that someone else, just like you, is failing, losing, giving every last dollar that ends up in your wallet. This is your success. This is what we are all after. Because if you’re not after it, you will be on the losing end, the paying side. There are different levels of winning and losing, but on either end, you are doing wrong or being wronged.

Hello from america,

Money is getting tight. It will be a few weeks before my first unemployment check. I am going into hibernation mode. It would take a fire to get me out of the house. It’s scary out there and they will take my money. Last time i went out there i came home with 120$ of weed. I certainly could of used that money elsewhere, but it’s important to keep priorities man. I’d rather be poor with weed than rich with no weed, my creditors should understand. I actually think that weed i got will last longer than the money in my bank account, so at least I’ll be able to medicate when the stress gets turned up and the late fees come. I have to keep life cheap, my happiness must come from writing and painting, no more late nights at the bar and shopping for whores. Nope, not in this economy. Soon I’ll be writing about my food stealing techniques and experiences, but maybe some of that dirty sweet green luck will come my way before it comes to that. 

Not panicking, 


back off the grind

I got laid off friday, back on fun-employment. I am happy to now have the time i need to take care of myself and get back into my hobbies. Enough with the rat race for a few weeks at least.  I have to hunker down and tighten my belt again. I barely make enough to survive when i don’t work. But my body adjusts to not eating enough pretty quick. It’s nice to get payed to look for work, make a few phone calls here or there, get half weeks pay. Wait for the collapse. It’s not really half, less than that. They should pay more to the unemployed, they should pay us to learn or give us small problems to solve for humanity. The people don’t wanna work, so get some ideas out of them at least. I’ll be posting new ideas of mine here more frequently now. For now i am settling in to the new way and the total Annihilation of my sleep schedule. I am unemployed, drowning in debt, but a free man. Over and out.

the most valuable resource

We should stop selling our time soon. My time is worth so much no one can afford it. But my time isn’t worth anymore than yours is. You are just getting ripped off. Did you not know how valuable all that time really was last week. You just gave it away. Well you got a paycheck. But in the grand scheme of things, you didn’t get a good price for your precious commodity. Time is the ultimate currency. I hoard my time all to myself sometimes and be really frugal with it. Some days i don’t give any of my time to anyone. Ya never know how much ya gonna get. Ya can’t make up lost time, though it’s fun to try. Usually when it’s gone it’s gone, but new time is always taking it’s place. It will try to escape us, hold on to the moment. Time is fleeting, spend it wisely. 

deep thought

Ya ever get the feeling that everything is happening at the same moment. And this moment is like one of those lines that can be divided into an infinite number of lines which themselves can be divided infinitely? No. Well, time, it does feel linear most of the time. Sometimes it feels like the same moment over and over again. Moments have a tendency to repeat and i suspect the time these moments take place in have the same tendencies. Perhaps the entire universe is traveling somewhere at the speed of light. How would we know? Why do we still age in this universe that may be a photon in another universe traveling so fast that whether or not it’s going forward or backward in time is besides the point? It’s all relative i guess. I think what makes up our vitality, the reason things started processing calories into energy, lives for eons and eons. But even in our physical approximately objective reality, it is uncertain if an electron ever dies,  what is the lifespan of an electron? So what really gets destroyed? Not matter, not energy. Time is just a transfer. A transfer of information, and our feeble stupid human brains can only receive so much at once. So it processes what it can and we perceive this information in terms of one thing happening before another one does, or after, it really doesn’t seem to matter sometimes. It’s all just a transfer, from potential to kinetic and back again. In a world where everything seems to last forever, it’s no wonder free time is a commodity everyone is willing to give up in order to afford a few of the pleasures of the flesh. 

fat cats and slimy snakes

“I know, i know, but no one gets it Lily. Everyone is too focused on getting their hands on the some of the devil’s  sweet, sweet honey.” He rises and steps towards the window. Lighting a cigarette and gazing out at nothing in particular he lets out once more. “It’s like they can’t hear me over the roar of materialistically implanted thoughts played louder than regular programming like t.v. ads. They just care about where their next buck is gonna come from, or their new car, or whatever the fuck. That’s why we are living in cages girl.” He takes a drag and blows a mushroom cloud out the window. “You better believe it baby. If you don’t like your cage, i don’t know what to tell you, the dollar ain’t worth shit nowadays.” He reaches into his pocket for the reason Lily has been listening so tentatively. That was her way, just like the rest of them, only out to get the cheese. “Hey, settle down you dirty whore! You’ll get your fix.” In this case it was a carrot. He holds the baby carrot in between the bars and she snatches it from his grasp ferociously. “There ya go girl. That’s good. Ya know if carrots were the world’s currency, don’t think for a second id be feeding them to you bitch. I would be hoarding them away and saving em until you are skin and bones so i can buy a bunch of stuff and booze and women. That’s how the world is girl.” He plops back down on the couch and picks up his pen again. Lily lets out a rebellious squeak.